Moving Forward

The main things I’ve been learning over the course of this summer are two steps in the evaluation process: data analysis and dissemination. My graduate program focuses heavily on quantitative methods, so it was especially interesting on the analysis side to learn about how qualitative methods and mixed methods can add value to an evaluation. This… Continue reading Moving Forward

VIDEO: Inside the UNFPA Evaluation Office

As part of my fellowship from the Women and Public Policy Program, I interviewed three staff members of the Evaluation Office: Andrea Cook, Alexandra Chambel, and Natalie Raaber. In the video, they talk about how important evaluation is to UNFPA’s mission and the mission of any responsible, accountable development organization, and how they overcome the… Continue reading VIDEO: Inside the UNFPA Evaluation Office

Careers at UNFPA

The UN system is huge, and every entity has its own hiring procedures and systems. There is a general process that each entity is supposed to use, but it may supplement it or change the order in which steps take place. Jobs at different entities are listed in different places, although there are several different… Continue reading Careers at UNFPA

Data Visualization

The photo above is from 1849, with a line graph showing deaths due to cholera over time. It’s great because the text below the graph explains to readers how to interpret the line graph, assuming that readers had never encountered it before. At first glance, it’s surprising to think that people wouldn’t intuitively understand that… Continue reading Data Visualization

Big Data

UNFPA tries to serve marginalized populations, who are often at the intersections of multiple vulnerable identities and are cut off from mainstream avenues for delivering reproductive health education and services. Youth who are out of school, poor teenage girls who are at risk of early marriage or pregnancy, LGBT populations, people with disabilities, indigenous people,… Continue reading Big Data

Cultural Sensitivity

The UNFPA’s mission is inherently sensitive – culturally and politically. This is very true in the countries in which it operates, where lack of access to reproductive health services frequently go hand in hand with limitations on reproductive rights and a legal system that implicitly, if not explicitly, condones gender based violence. (However, it’s worth… Continue reading Cultural Sensitivity